DevRel Summit Group

The current developer relations community has hit a stalemate. Everyone is speaking on old ideas at the latest conferences. It’s time to bring a new format, a new “unconference” to the community to introduce fresh ideas and generate better solutions. The DevRel Summit Group is here to gather great minds to figure out the best engagement practices and to establish best practices in developer engagement strategy.

Meet the DevRel Summit Group. An extraordinary moment happened when three people decided to stop complaining about the current state of their industry and start a passion project. The purpose, to do better in bringing the collective minds and experience of tech development and engagement leaders, even for a day, with those who seek more to developer relations than just putting slides up on stage. The goal, to become the action heroes inside all of us who can do more to help our community become better. We are not the experts. We are the force that works hard to bring the leaders and community together.

Who we are:


Sandra Persing, leads the @WWCodeSeattle community, invests in all things open source and web forward @Mozilla with 15+ experience in media distribution, developer engagement, web tech, and conference production.

Barry Munsterteiger, instigates the creative balance between development and design. His 20 years of industry experience working with Apple, Google, and Sony spans, design, development, engagement and technology futures. His belief is that innovation is a product of communication, not process.


Email us at to learn more and to support us in our mission.