DevRel Summit is a next-level conference focusing on best practices in engagement and growing influence.


WHY a Devrel summit?

The current developer relations community has hit a stalemate. Everyone is speaking on old ideas at the latest conferences. It’s time to bring a new format, a new “unconference” to the community to introduce fresh ideas and generate better solutions.

who is this for?

Leaders in the technical industry, developer community managers, evangelists, advocates, product and project managers.

Anyone who wants answers to questions like:

  • How do I do my job, better?
  • How do I achieve better results with my events and projects?
  • How do I effectively report my results to my team?

What is this about?

To establish best practices in developer engagement strategy.

  • Answering the “how” in engaging developers today.
  • Stop gap for outdated rinse repeat recycled thought leadership.
  • Breaking out of the cookie-cutter syndrome.
  • Gathering great minds to figure out the best engagement practices