Speaking of speakers

DevRel Summit 2019 is now accepting proposals for talks. 

The conference will take place at Developer Space @ Google Singapore, November 19th, 2019.

Proposals will be accepted until Friday, November 1, 2019 at 11:59pm PST (Pacific Standard Time UT-8:00)

Talks will be 25-30 minutes in length with no segment for questions. We encourage our speakers to meet with attendees to discuss direct questions!

Submit your proposal that includes an abstract, details, and pitch

Abstract will be included on the website program. This is for audience and includes a high-level overview of the talk. (600 characters or less)

Details section gives us more insight into the talk. Please include an outline of the talk, any demonstrations that you plan on doing, etc. This will not be public if your talk is accepted, allowing edits within reason until the day of the talk. No character limitation.

Pitch section is where we want to hear about why you think this talk is important. What makes you excited about this topic? Why does the audience need to hear about this? Leadership in DevRel as well as unique community insights will be preferred topics.


How it works

You can edit your proposal after submission. Please submit your proposal as early as possible to allow us to provide feedback if necessary. Everything is considered a draft until the call for proposals closes. Not all submissions will receive feedback.

The DevRel Summit team is committed to a diverse, unbiased and inclusive selection process. We will prioritize local speakers from Singapore and nearby regions to help support our Carbon Neutral 2019 initiative. However, if you are in a location where hi speed internet access is available and would like to conference your talk, please make sure to indicate this on your submission form!

Please note that we are asking everyone this year to offset their carbon footprint to achieve our goal of making DevRel Summit 2019 Carbon Neutral. Also, if your company or employer is able to cover your offset cost and donate more, we'll happily list them as a speaker sponsor on our conference website.

DevRel Summit abides by our Code of Conduct and expects all speakers and attendees to do the same.


Questions? Email contact@devrelsummit.com


*Thank you to Dinosaurs.js for providing a great example of CFP documentation