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Early Supporter Tickets


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Registration and Payment

All Participants must register to attend DevRelSummit. Individuals with incomplete registrations will not be able to attend the conference.

Granting Participant Registration and Admission

DevRelSummit or their officially designated event management (together and individually, “ConferenceStaff”), in their sole discretion, reserve the right to accept or decline an individual’s registration. Further, Conference Staff reserve the right to prohibit entry or remove any Participant or other individual, whether registered or not, whose conduct, in their sole opinion is not in keeping with the Code of Conduct, these DevRelSummit Event Terms and the character and purpose of DevRelSummit. Without limiting the foregoing, Conference Staff reserve the right to remove or refuse entry to any Participant who has registered or gained access under false pretenses, or provided false information. Unauthorized solicitation anywhere at DevRelSummit is prohibited, and may be grounds for removal.


Ticket sales are final. After receiving the Proof of Purchase from the DevRelSummit registration website on your email address, no refunds will be issued.

You can donate your ticket to another person at least one week before the Conference starts. To do this, please send the ticket number, your name and surname as well as name and surname and email address of person who you would like to donate for, on the email address contact@devrelsummit.com. Donation will be successfully made only if you receive a confirmation email.

DevRelSummit tickets are sold only by DevRelSummit. Any other sale, including resale, is not allowed.